Monday, 27 May 2013

Summer - strawberries and cream anyone?

Do you have a wish list? Things that you want to sew at some point in the future? I do, there are loads of ideas that I have seen or thought of and want to sew together, when I get the time!

Well, I sewed one!

It is gorgeous! I got it from Sew Magazine issue 41 (I recommend this magazine!!). It is a pretty "little girl's" dress. You know, in the traditional way, gathered skirts, below knee length, pretty buttons etc. The next version I will sew also has gathered sleeves.

I used new techniques (to me) in this make. I successfully made and used my own bias binding tape (have made it before, but it was NOT successful!). I gathered the skirt (a lot!) to the bodice - I can't believe how much fabric is in the skirt!

The bodice is lined as the fabric is quite thin (I didn't bother with the skirt, and I think that was the right decision). And I actually loved adding the detail on the front - I normally hate things like that...I just want to get making. But I am so glad I did, it really adds to this dress.

(And aren't those buttons a perfect match?!)

I had a problem with the pattern, the bodice front was way too big, and far too high at the neck - I have had to adjust the neckline (lots of unpicking, remaking, sewing in darts etc) so fitting was a problem. I think, this was because I cut out late at night and ended up using the back bodice piece as my template for the front of the bodice. I have cut out the pattern in the bigger size (VERY carefully) and shall sew that together for my eldest daughter and see whether it is me, or the pattern!

 I need to practise my "hidden" zips too...not so hidden!
The pattern/fitting issues I had and being unable to do the zip has resulted in a finish that I am not quite happy with but...she loves it though :) It makes it all worthwhile.

My next one will be even better!

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