Thursday, 23 May 2013

Is it a bird? Is it a plane?...

I have sewn together a superhero cape and mask set. Because who doesn't love a cape to zoom around in?!
There are plenty of tutorials online - Sewlikemymom has one. And doing a google search will pull up plenty of others.
My cape is double sided (saves on attempting to hem slippery satin fabric - although I  have used bias binding before for the edges), with a satiny outer layer and a cotton under layer. I have left the ends to be used for tying, although some tutorials used Velcro - which I was tempted by! 

I used felt for the letter (I think I will try a better graphic next time!). I also think that I will zigzag around the outside of the letter in future for a more "finished" look. But I was concerned that I would mess it up - or that the satin would gather whilst I was stitching.

I made a mask for the little superhero too. This one is made completely out of felt with an elastic strap - for ease of use.

 Make special note of the matching bobbin and top thread! (I am getting quite good at bothering to match up the colours!)
Initially, I stuck the fabric eye pieces onto the felt. I had thought I would leave it like this (again, my fear of messing up my zigzagging!). In the end I felt that it required a bit more strength - and I had to sew the elastic on anyway, so I went for it.
 I like the effect (and I don't think it looks too bad where the zigzagging went a bit off course)- I think it makes the mask feel more finished overall. Especially with the two layers of felt - almost like a quilted effect.
One thing that I am not happy with is that I left one edge of the elastic exposed. The other edge is sandwiched between the 2 layers of felt, but because I had originally stuck the material together I couldn't slip one side between the fabrics.
But I don't think it looks too bad. And I double zigzagged stitched it so I don't think it should fray...too much!
A lovely project - quick to put together (unless you procrastinate like I did!) and with really good result. Next time I will not bother sticking the fabric together and shall just use sufficient pins to ensure it doesn't move whilst zigzagging (that spelling doesn't look right...).  And I shall take the plunge and do an edging stitch on the satin/felt combo on the cape - has anyone had an experience of this? Is it as hard to sew as I imagine? I suppose I could try it on a practise piece first - but that assumes that I am that sort of organised this space!


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