Thursday, 16 May 2013

Rio 2016 here we come!

I am not sure why, but I have a love of ribbons on sticks. You know the ones, where really skinny girls dance around chucking ribbons in sticks into the air and making pretty shapes.

I made some.


And I made a cute drawstring bag to keep them in too.

This keeps all the ribbons neat and tidy and much less likely (although not impossible!) to get tangled up with all the other toys!

I used 12mm wooden dowel and cut them into 40cm lengths. I cut the ribbons to 2metres lengths. I used 30mm eye screws and pre-drilled the holes (well, hubby did...power tools and me don't really mix!). Then I sewed the ribbon on to the eye screws (note the matching coloured thread used!).

Let's play!


Look at that concentration!
If you have any budding gymnasts or just enjoy twirling some ribbon then have a go at making some ribbon sticks!


  1. Such a fab idea for a b'day pressie! Love them!( and the sticky out tongue!)

  2. It takes a lot of concentration to be a gymnast! Thanks for the feedback :)