Saturday, 11 May 2013

Baby, baby, baby oh

My friend had a baby recently - he is absolutely gorgeous!

I found a fabulous tutorial for a baby swaddle blanket here at Prudent Baby. I used it to make another friend a baby wrap nearly a year ago.
How cute is the baby (oh and the wrap!). I made it unisex - I loved the hungry caterpillar material I used, although I ordered too little and had to sew some pieces together!

Anyway, after asking for some feedback (I didn't sew the wings in the middle), I have sewn a new one for my other friend's new arrival.

A boy this time.

Instead of bias biding around the wings this time I sewed them wrong sides together and then turned them the right way out and then top stitched around the edge.

I prefer this - and it means that I didn't have to do a princess seam (not difficult, I know but still...).

I still used bias binding around the edge of the flannel of the main blanket. I like the crisp line it makes against the cream flannel.


I hope she uses it, and I hope that the baby likes it :)

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