Monday, 20 May 2013


I bought some fabric the other day (I know, this is not a surprise). I got a bit carried away (it was in a flash sale on Facebook). When it turned up, I was not as keen on it as I had been. I discussed with a friend (who actually laughed when I showed her the fabric "Why did you buy gnomes? That is actually the FUNNIEST fabric I have seen" was what she said).

I did doubt myself, and I considered selling it on eBay. Then - Eureka! Here is my fabby idea for my gnome-y fabric!

A lovely fleece backed toadstool cushion. Cute hey?

I think this fabric pack (there are 6 designs in total) is really crying out to be part of a gnome quilt. I am not a fan of quilting...but you never know!

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