Tuesday, 14 May 2013


I trained as a primary school teacher - I got pregnant before finding my first teaching job - but I have done a few term's of supply work. I currently work with children after school.

Gifts for teacher - do you give your child's teacher a gift? As a thank-you for them doing their job, or as a reward for the end of term? I love getting a gift - but I do find it a bit strange when a parent (whom you don't really know) gives you a gift because it is the end of term...or the end of a school year. Especially, as it is my job, so I am doing my job. I would continue to do my job with or without a gift... (am I too grumpy?)

Well, my eldest has started her first year at school. I have decided to sew her teacher a gift - just something small as a thank-you for being there during the first year. (And, as I have mentioned before, since I started sewing I keep making gifts for people that I probably wouldn't have bought a gift for!).

I used this tutorial from Mollie Makes shown on The Guradian's website. It was nice to follow, although the apple is smaller than I imagined - and was trickier/more fiddly to sew because of the smaller size.
I like this autumnal material that I bought from Patchwork Paradise (find the Facebook page here)
 There was a bit of hand sewing (which I don't enjoy) but it was a manageable amount!
I think it looks really cute - and a bit different from another packet of chocolates! I am going to get my daughter to write a label and I shall tie it onto the stem...to be treasured forever!

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