Friday, 3 May 2013

Big Frame Purse

After the success of the small frame purse, I decided to go big!

My friend bought me this lovely Clarke and Clarke scotty dog material for my birthday (last September). As soon as I saw it I knew that it HAD to be an oversized has just taken me this long to get round to making it! I used this tutorial to help, as inspiration, I wanted to use her pattern but my frame was bigger!

And here it is...
I love how it has turned out - I have shown off to 2 people...(one of them being our post lady - do you think the obsession is really getting out of hand!) and they both commented on how professional it looked and couldn't really believe I had made it. I always think this is the best compliment of my homemade items :)

I lined it with some complementary floral fabric. I used fleece interfacing on the outer material to give it a bit of strength, and I wish I had used some interfacing on the inner fabric as it is a bit thin (and ripped as I was turning the purse/bag the correct way out) which is annoying.

I made an internal pocket that is closed using a magnetic snap (like the tutorial). The pocket is nice and deep, but starts a bit high up - a bit too close to the frame. Also, the snap seems really strong - and I am not sure that it really needs it. For the next one I will place the pocket lower down and either use a zip, or leave it open.
I was thinking of having this bag on a chain (can you see the little loops in the picture above?) but, I quite like it folded over as a clutch style bag (see the picture below). What do you think?
 Apologies for the awful picture...and my fat arm....

I have 1 more frame to play with, and I am going to order some of those flex frames (like on your glasses case) so expect more bags and purses from me!

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