Saturday, 8 June 2013

Tea vicar?

I have noticed that I tend to sew children's clothes...

I think this is because they are on a smaller scale than adult clothes and tend to have fewer technical elements (i.e. darts),

fewer fitting issues (i.e. hips and busts!)
that I can finish them quicker (although this is not always the case - as mentioned with the strawberry dress below...but then I did cut out the pattern wrong!)

A finished project is always more satisfying than one that drags out for weeks (and requires repeated ironing!).

But I want something. I have sewn a couple for dresses for myself, early on in my sewing career. I do wear those dresses...but I love dresses...and it is sunny this week and I want more! (and I am also sewing a Simplicity pattern (4070) - but this is a very scary and complicated pattern and I am procrastinating and making several excuses not to continue sewing this dress - perhaps it warrants another blog post!)

The Daily Mail - it would appear - have teamed up with the Great British Sewing Bee and are offering (in exchange for some coupons and postage) some patterns. One pattern includes a tea dress as shown on Molly Makes (it is the brown and white spotty dress).

It has inspired me, it looks quite simple and I have read (apologies as I don't know which blog I was reading!) that it can be sewn in a day.

I thought I may use this fabric

As I felt it had a bit of a vintage feel whilst still having a bit of colour. What do you think? It is quite expensive per metre...but I think it will make a really original looking dress.