Thursday, 9 May 2013

Owl always love you

The best thing about sewing is making things that are personalised for people. I really enjoy it when people love my makes: they love that they can choose their colour fabrics to match their decoration; that they have their initials (or their loved one's initials) on products.
I have made a couple of owls for a lady. She had a particular colour scheme in mind, and I chose a few materials that I had (and some that I had seen online) and she chose what she wanted (and sent me a picture of the wallpaper to match!), and off I went!
Here's the result

bit random - right?
Well have another look!
Two owls that make a whole :) (see how you can be individual when you get it homemade especially for you - note the red and green heart!)
I really like these owls, I think they look super cute.
Some details
I only have eyes for you!

Nice neat applique!

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