Sunday, 28 April 2013

Hobby vs Obsession

For those of you who don't know, I have only been sewing for a couple of years. I was shown, by my lovely friend, how to use a very basic sewing machine - and since then I have taught myself (through various inspirational blogs) how to sew. I LOVE it. I haven't really had a hobby that I really enjoyed before and I am relishing this one.

I have also developed a love of fabric (unsurprisingly). When I started sewing I only bought fabric for particular projects. I would then use the fabric for the project and that would be that. As my sewing has progressed, I like to have fabric "in stock" so that I can sew whenever I want, rather than having to go out and buy supplies before I can get going. This is my stash.

My stash is quite large, it takes a corner of my kitchen. There are some lovely pieces of fabric in there, I am not even sure I will ever be able to bear cutting it up.

This has made me wonder...when does an interest or hobby become an obsession? I visit places particularly to look at fabric shops, I read and re-read sewing books and magazines, I trawl sewing blogs often, I want to talk about sewing (I attempt to limit it to my crafting friends...but I have been known to bore strangers with my makes!), I buy fabric that I cant really afford and don't use it because it is too pretty.

What is your conclusion...has a hobby become an obsession? Is there a "Sewer's Anonymous" that I can join?


  1. Obsession!! Or is it just a fabric obsession....sewing is the hobby? ;) JoJoxx

    1. Ok, JoJo... I will have a think about this!