Friday, 11 January 2013

Sewing in 2013

Projects so far

So far I have decided to make a cd case like this one, the youngest got a cd player. Both girls have enjoyed listening to the audiobook cds that come with some of their books. Unfortunately they also leave them scattered/lost all over the floor.
I got my January issue of Sew magazine and there is a sewing area organisation thingy that I want to make. It goes under your sewing machine and has pockets that hold your scissors, pins etc so that you don't lose your scissors behind your sewing machine whilst sewing (like I do).
My husband has asked me to make him pj trousers (I drafted a pattern from his existing pair...they are a bit generous....they look like clown trousers!). So I shall be tweaking them (although it isn't like he is going to leave the house in them!).
I also have a Collette pattern that I want to make. It is called the truffle dress (I haven't found the material for this...and I do have another dress pattern that I really ought to finish 1st so this one may take a while).
And lastly, so far, I want to make a beach bag (yes, I know it is England, and yes, I know they are predicting 3 weeks of snow - nothing like being organised). I have some lovely beach hut oilcloth and I bought some stripy Clarke and Clarke material (for the lining) and thought I may base it on this pattern.

Any projects in the pipeline for you? Please can be my first comment!

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