Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Busy busy

So, I have been sewing away...completing orders (I am still in a bit of shock that people actually want to purchase my sewing! - albeit 3 people!). But as it is not new sewing (another cd case) I have not bothered to upload any photos!

There is a secret project that I have sewn...but I am waiting for a birthday to occur before I can post any pictures - but it is awesome!

I have recently been asked to make a teddy for a new-born (born yesterday!) so I have been busy cutting out all the pieces today ready for sewing tomorrow...I hope! I am so flattered to be asked to produce something for a brand new being (can you tell I just watched "call the Midwife") - feeling broody!

Bought some fabric from eBay the other day...and I also went into Tiverton (my local town) and bought some fabric from a sewing shop. I love getting parcels in the post...and PayPal is pretend money and very easy to spend! But there is nothing quite like going into a sewing shop and touching all the fabrics and seeing them on their rolls in full glory.

Which do you prefer? Online shopping or "real-life"?

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