Sunday, 13 January 2013


My youngest has contracted chicken pox. My eldest had it a week or so ago and managed through them with very little fuss (surprisingly as she is a bit of a wimp!). My youngest is covered in spots and is feeling very sorry for herself.

Eldest with chicken pox

I have used it as an excuse to make her a cuddly toy to cheer her up. I made a patchwork owl from issue 43 of Sew magazine.

I found it MUCH more fiddly than I was expecting (I don't know why, but I assumed it would be super easy to make...even with all that detail). It is also a great way to use up little bits of fabric as most pieces are small. I will make one of these again, I like the result - definitely worth the effort (I appreciate the picture doesn't do it justice).

I printed off the pattern pieces but then needed to add a centimetre seam allowance as cutting (I always find this annoying with should include the seam allowance!). I am tempted to enlarge the pattern and use it as doorstops for the future!

My little girl likes it though, and has stopped whinging for a short time - so all's well!

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