Monday, 28 January 2013

Happy Birthday Eloise

It is my friend's birthday (well actually 3 friend's birthdays today...but only 1 got a gift from me...sorry to the other 2!

My good friend Eloise turned 30 today - yep, you heard me the big 30. It is scary...I can now talk about things happening a decade ago and actually remembering that time! I have been friend with Eloise for 2 decades!

Onto happier is what I made her

 using this tutorial from Sew Mama Sew. Although I did make the bag slightly deeper as I figured Eloise may want to carry more stuff! I used lots of interfacing (as instructed) and I think it came out looking really professional. Eloise has given me my biggest compliment to date, "it is so well sewn"! Thanks Elo :)
I will definitely be making one of these again (or lots of these)...I think they are such fun to do. What colours would you choose?

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