Saturday, 12 January 2013

PJ trousers - on a roll

So 2013 has started well then. Today there has been 2 makes! (the cd case AND hubby's pj trousers).

These took much more effort than I thought they might. I used some existing trousers as a template. I left a generous seam allowance (having learnt from experience!). They were then far too big - they looked like clown trousers (perhaps that is more to do with Hubby's choice of material?!). So after LOTS of tightening up of the seams and trying on etc I finally got them to fit!

He says they are comfy too - result. I am mourning the loss of this material...I had bought it to make myself a summer shirt in. I am disappointed with the hems...I hacked off too much material on one side so the hem is tiny compared with the other leg.

Ok - what's next?

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