Thursday, 17 January 2013


Remember this project? I mentioned it in a blog sometime LAST YEAR! Well, I have finally cut out the material required (using the old coat of my youngest).

What do you think? I think its going to be lovely and pretty. Although my brother has just given me a super wallet for perhaps this will be a birthday present for someone.

I have spent a lovely afternoon with some friends whom I haven't seen for a while. I have eaten far to much for lunch (homemade bread is a bit addictive!). It was lovely to have a catch up. Wish I had more time (working takes away so much socialising time - how unfair!).

So, I now have 3 projects all cut and ready to go, a birthday present to make (when the fabric arrives). Am busy tonight - but really want to get going and actually complete one of the projects!

Anyone else looking forward to some crafting?

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