Sunday, 10 March 2013

You Peasant

I got some lovely fabric delivered and it inspired me to make the girls clothing. I have steered away from clothing recently as no matter how well i measure the clothes always seem to end up too small. This is fine if I have sewn it for the eldest as the youngest gets a new dress...but it is very annoying if I have sewn it for the youngest - the dolls in the house do NOT need to be that well dressed!

I saw someone's child wearing a peasant dress and knew that there we plenty of tutorials about for it so I decided I would give it a go. I used this tutorial which is super easy to follow.

This pattern is so easy to make that I made 2 dresses in a morning! (This is how I spent my Mothering Sunday morning!!).

Perfect modelling!
I only had 50cm of material...i cut out the front piece before realising I wouldn't have enough material for the back. I am glad I had some white cotton in my stash. At first I was disappointed and nearly ordered more fabric...but I actually like the effect of a different colour back.

I did think that the backs needed a bit of colour so did some applique. Wobbly stitching, but not too noticeable...!

Bit of table dancing!
The eldest daughter requested pockets...They are a bit wonky...and that IS noticeable!
The tutorial suggests a few sleeve variations - eldest daughter requested a plain hemmed sleeve. I decided to sew it with a double seam (same as the top of the pockets and the hem), just to make it look a bit trendy (and to show off the fact that I found the perfect colour thread to match the material!)
For youngest daughter I decided to shirr the sleeve. Her sleeves were tiny - it would probably have been more effective on the bigger sized top! But I like, and prefer, this effect. And it is so easy to do.

I had the chance to add sleeves for the first time making these tops. They are not as scary as I thought. Overall a super morning's sewing - and no swearing or anything - it must have been an easy pattern!


  1. These are just tooooooooooo cute!! I feel I need to buy some fabric now!! xx