Friday, 22 March 2013

Unicorn away!

As you probably already know I read Sew magazine (follow this link). My Mum got me a year's subscription for my 30th birthday...does that me old?! Well, issue 46 is my favourite issue yet - it has so many patterns and ideas that interest me.

I decided to give the little horse pattern a go. I have completed the horse, and added a little horn to make it a unicorn.

 I love her...both my girls now want one!
I added felt for the eyes - rather than buttons.

 I velcro'd the saddle on (the magazine suggested a snap tab...but I didn't have one in stock). The velcro will probably make it easier for little hands to take the saddle on and off...I hope! I also used fleece rather than yarn for the mane and tail (I didn't have any wool. But, whenever I have thought about sewing a horse in the past I have always imagined it with a fleece mane and tail!)
The horn is a tiny bit off centre (annoying), but I feel this adds to the charm! I sewed a triangle, stuffed it and then slip stitched into onto the head after I had made the horse.

 This only happened on one hoof...but I shall take more care to match up all the hooves next time. I couldn't decide whether the red or the green hooves looked best - so I went for both.
 Woody is just to illustrate the size of the unicorn...and not because I got a bit carried away playing!
The instructions for this sewing project are really clear. I would not describe it as a beginner's project - there are some tricky bits (especially the nose area...actually sewing the whole gusset on was a bit fiddly!). I am super happy with how it turned out...I will definitely be using the pattern again :)
Buy issue 46 of the Sew magazine and try it for yourself :)

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