Monday, 18 March 2013

Rapunzel away!

I have finished the Rapunzel dress (for my daughter's birthday on the 31st). I used's fabulous tutorial. But I joined my bodice to my skirt instead of having a separate skirt. This does mean that the point at the front (as all princess dresses need!) is a bit bulky and squiffy - but I think that it will be fine once on.

 The skirt looks blue in this picture...but it is deep purple in reality.
I enjoyed this project. It gave me a chance to overcome my fear of sewing with slippery fabrics (I went totally over the top with pins and it seems to have worked - I hardly use pins normally!). I also sewed sleeves for the first time. I wish I had a serger, the inside dress is already fraying (I did use zigzag stitch...but it is so fray-ey). I had an idea that I would bias bind all the seams...but I quickly went off this idea! I hope my girl won't mind...we shall see!


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