Monday, 1 April 2013

A bit of family sewing

I had a recent meet up with some family (I hadn't seen one of my cousins for 13 years!). It was so nice to meet up with everyone (and the meet all the new arrivals and husbands!).

I made some gifts.

For my cousin's 6 year-old girl I made a travel drawing wallet.

 I used my own pattern and, not surprisingly, it is a smidge tight! I think that once some of the paper from the pad has been used it will close better... (obviously the paper's fault and nothing to do with my measuring!).
For my other cousin's 10-month old son I used "sew like my mom's" tutorial for beanbags (check it out here). These were easy to make.

I really loved these once they were made, I used fleece or felt for the backing (depending on what colours I had in stock!). They are super tactile and the older children also enjoyed playing with them at lunch. They also have loads of learning opportunities - colours, textures, letters (or numbers) and of course throwing and catching! I will definitely make more.
I do wish that I had taken the time to actually applique around the edge of the letters to make them stand out more, but I was pushed for time.
Lastly I made a superhero cape for my cousin's 2 year old boy. Unfortunately I don't have any pictures of that as it was finished late! But I have 2 more to make from some lucky boys in the village so I shall ensure I take pictures of them!
Another unicorn to be sewn so I will be picking the co-ordinating fabrics for that soon (I do enjoy choosing colour combinations!).

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