Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Snatched Success

Ah ha! Have managed to grasp success after my youngest daughter's coat was a complete failure. I thought that there would be no saving it...
It looks messy from the inside, as I had to cut open the lining and couldn't think of a different neater way to sew it all back together (and there are still some holes in the oilcloth outer that I can't stitch together without it looking even more of a mess!). But it fits! I removed HUGE chunks of material and all the "caught" material was removed! It isn't perfect, and it certainly isn't what I was expecting...but I like it :)

Sorry about the quality of this is from my phone camera...will have to do a "real" photo shoot at some point in the future!
I don't know if you can see...but the coat is in a sage oilcloth with cream polka dots, and the lining is white with vintage roses on it. Very cute - give it a go!

This coat no longer fits, so I have cut it up to make a wallet. Follow the progress on this blog.

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