Sunday, 1 July 2012

A bit of photography!

Lack of Motivation

Haven't been sewing much since I started this blog...I think it is because my sewing "area" is actually a kitchen cupboard. Whenever I fancy sewing I have to unpack the whole cupboard to get to the bits I need. This has resulted in me not bothering! (Solution to this problem....I am now house hunting - although we can't afford it - for a house with a sewing room!)

I did manage to motivate myself, a friend was going to a surprise baby shower. I said I would make slippers for the twin girls that are expected at the end of next month.
Photo: G wants a boys pair - baby slippers (with elasticated opening) I am really happy with how these turned out. Although, I think they are going to be far to big, especially as the twins are going to be born a month early by c-section!

Other News

I have download the instagram app - I am enjoying it...although I don't have "an eye" for photography I like messing about with the pictures I have taken.

Photo: Eve in the secret garden 
My eldest daughter exploring a hidden garden

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