Tuesday, 5 June 2012

First Blog Post...Ever

Number 1!

This is going to be like the 1st post of most blogs that I have read. I thought I may give bogging a try...
I am not sure what I want to share, or why. I craft - sewing mainly, and I like showing off my finished items (well the ones that work anyway!). So perhaps that is my main motive...I am half hoping to sell some things - so anything you like - let me know.
I have children - 2 so far! I enjoy parenting, but they are hard work! I am hoping to share our ups and downs and some blogs I like reading to get ideas (that goes for sewing too).
As  a disclaimer - I don't know what I am doing (on this blog or in real life!) but hope that some of my experiences will help someone - better to learn from my mistakes than your own?!
I would add a photo - but I can't find a nice one of myself...think I will have to get organised!

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