Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Aiming Too High

Poncho Raincoat

I have decided to sew my youngest daughter a coat...a raincoat to be specific. I thought I may give this a try. But, now that I have cut out the oilcloth and committed myself I am worried that this is somewhat beyond my sewing skill level.
I guess I will have to continue with this project 1) because the child needs some sort of waterproof outwear as the British Summer is typically rainy 2) because I have already cut out the shapes in the oilcloth (oilcloth is quite expensive...) and 3) because I was meant to use the oilcloth to make my friend a nappy roll and lost motivation...if I don't now make the coat I will feel even more guilty for not making the nappy roll!
If you happen to get round to sewing it before me - I would like to see your attempts! It may encourage me :)
There may be pictures to this space! Ha!

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