Monday, 18 February 2013

Been busy

I seem to have gotten into a habit for sewing toys recently...I am not sure why - the children certainly have enough of them already!

 This gorgeous little penguin is from the pattern created by the very talented Purl Bee from this link. I saw the pattern and thought that I would have to buy some special fabric...but after a rummage I found a brilliant penguin set! I have just noticed that I have sewed the wings on back-to-front. That is what happens when you think that you are so clever you needn't look at the pattern!
Next in the line-up....

 This little guy turned out shockingly well - I even got a semi-compliment from my mother..."Did you make that? It looks just like the picture". Strong words of praise indeed! I used a pattern from the lovely Craftisaurus who kindly offered the pattern free on her Facebook page. It required a lot of hand sewing (of which, I am NOT a fan...I may have mentioned it!). You have to hand sew the legs closed, the legs onto the body, the soles of the feet, the buttons as eyes...but in truth it didn't take too long (especially with Hubby stuffing!).
And lastly a bit of bunting,
 always makes me happy - how can something so simple lift the heart so? This is the best bunting I have made so far I think - lovely size of triangle, nice straight seams and quite pointy ends! Result!
Sorry for such a long post. The sun is out today, and it is half term. I think a trip to the beach is in order. I will aim to finish that beach bag that I cut out but Wednesday! Well, that's the plan anyway!
What are you up to for half term? Crafting away? Or dealing with grumpy children?

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