Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Pink Strawberry Dress

It is complete! My second attempt of the party dress from issue 41 of Sew Magazine (did I tell you that my orange strawberry dress was featured in August's issue of the magazine?? I am just a teeny bit proud :)).
If you remember, I had issues with the pattern and had an awful lot of adjustments to make with the orange strawberry dress. Well - as I suspected - it was my inaccurate cutting that was the problem and NOT Sew's lovely pattern.
I made this one with sleeves (puffed, very tricky) and I decided to leave out the zip (not sure I do them right anyway) and included a button closure (think it needs more practice!)
 I used my "new sewing machine" to make a decorative stitch along the edge of the button closure bit. A tiny detail that you only notice when you look really closely - but I like it.
 I included the fake placket of buttons - very similar to the orange strawberry dress (it looks wonky in this picture...but I am sure it is not in real life!)
I love the combination of this fabric and this pattern. A "proper" little girl's dress. Like a princess!

With appropriate Princess dancing! Enjoy the summer weather - wherever you are :)

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