Thursday, 7 November 2013


Feeling well and truly motivated. 

I have missed this feeling...the NEED to sew.

I have been helping out a fellow, local crafter with some embroidery and it has re-invigorated me! To see a picture of a little elf I have made check out my Facebook page

I have received my latest issue of Sew Magazine (issue 54!) which contains a little bear pattern. I am thinking that I will make that for the littlest Little with an outfit (maybe 2 or 3 depending on how they turn out!). This will go along with the Rapunzel doll for the biggest Little and the 2 horses.

Am currently wishing that I didn't have to go to work - I just want to sew all the time :) And just in time for Christmas.

Do you have periods of time where you loose the need to sew? I am loving having my mojo back :) I may even buy myself an overlocker as a treat!!

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